2024 Lakefly Conference Preview: Poetry

Writing Poems Helps You Write Everything Else

In this fun and interactive workshop led by UW-Oshkosh Professor William Gillard, we’ll dive into the elements of poetry that are shared by other literary forms, including metaphor, imagery, rhythm, voice, and sound. If you write fiction, nonfiction, song lyrics, or anything else, this session is for you. Bring pen and paper, because we’ll all be writing!

Between The Lines: Poetry and Imagination

During this engaging workshop, Tom Cannon (Poet Laureate of Oshkosh) and Jeffrey McAndrew (Poet Laureate of North Fond du Lac) will delve into how poetry can assist in navigating challenging times. Writing poetry aids in understanding our emotions and pinpointing issues that may seem overwhelming. Expressing our feelings through writing can bring relief. Furthermore, revising our poems helps us refine and structure a strategy to cope with life’s challenges. The speakers will share a few of their poems they wrote during difficult times and lead the attendees through creating a poem.

Lakefly After Hours Open Mic

It’s your turn to take the stage! At Lakefly After Hours Open Mic, you’ll have five minutes to read your work in front of an audience. Join other writers for a fun night of listening and sharing. Held under the Dome at the Oshkosh Public Library, just a few blocks from the Oshkosh Convention Center.

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